Here is the truth about a polished vs. brushed finish on your propeller.

Some companies will tell you that a propeller with a brushed finish is faster
than a polished prop - NOT TRUE. Also, I would love to tell you that a polished
prop is faster - but that is also untrue. Yet there are advantages to a
polished prop. Some companies just don't want to take the time and labor to
polish. But it's your prop - and you should make the judgment. If brushed
props were faster, every major company would have a brushed finish, and
you would not see a polished prop anywhere. It's just not true.

Here are the real advantages of a polished prop:

As you know, prop blades crack, especially in high performance "High X"
dimensions. If a crack is starting, you can see it like a crack in a mirror. At
this point, you may be able to repair your prop before it's too late. It is much
harder to see a hairline crack in a brushed finish, and if you lose a blade -
you replace the prop. Also, with a high gloss finish, if there is poor
workmanship - you can see it. A brushed surface can cover up poor
workmanship, not to mention the obvious reason of how good a polished
prop looks at the boat launch!
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