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No matter what category you are in, I.O. or outboard, a factory prop is a catalog number; one size
fits all. A propeller is matched to a boat in numerous ways, i.e., horse power to weight and hull

Let us take an outboard propeller, Mercury's Trophy 26" Pitch. In our opinion this is a very good
prop. It is an easy match for an Allison with a 150 hp, a Ranger with a 250 hp, or a Triton with a 200
hp. Is this right for all the boats? No. Will it work on all the boats? Yes. This is what a factory depends
on, sales, sales, and sales - one prop - numerous applications.

As a custom shop we would change this 26 pitch prop to improve speed and acceleration on the
Allison, change it differently for the Ranger and the Triton, and match the horsepower to weight ratio
for each rig.

Are the factory designers stupid? Of course not! They are very intelligent people. They can do the
improvements to each rig also. It's just not cost effective to produce 3,4 or 5 different 26 Trophy
propellers. That's our job, we make the changes to make 5 different 26 Trophy propellers for 5
different applications. What changes do we make? That depends on what you want in your rig,
ultimate top speed; ultimate speed with tournament load; racing inland water; racing offshore; or
explosive acceleration. As you can see, there are many variables. This is where a one-on-one phone
conversation about your boat is very important. E-mail doesn't cut it. With your information we can
customize the prop for your high performance application.